Bloomington Garden Center (BGC) has a Landscape Architect on staff.

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A Meeting, A Plan & A Presentation
The fee for your design is $75/hour. The price includes the initial meeting at the site – where measuring and possible photographs are taken – creation of a conceptual plan, and the final presentation to you. The price varies on how intricate and involved the design is. As an example, a typical East Bloomington Rambler front yard redo is an approximate $300 design fee.
Sample Landscape Design
Click on the image to the left to see what a design drawing might look like.
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You Own the Design
Once you purchase the design, it's yours to do with as you wish. We also keep a copy in our files. You can do the work yourself, or engage Bloomington Garden Center to do parts or all of the installation. The choice is yours. Your plan will include itemized labor and material charges.
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Bloomington Garden Center Discount
With the purchase of the design, you establish a credit of 1/3 of your total design fee – to be taken off anything you purchase from us (labor excluded). With each purchase made at BGC, we will take 10% off your total bill and keep track of the discounts – until you have received your refundable portion of your design fee back. For example, if your design fee is $300 – you will have a credit of $100, which will be refunded to you – in 10% of purchase total increments – on any materials purchased.
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Fill Out the Design Form
Get started now. Download our design form (click the image on the left) and then fill it out. We look forward to working with you!

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